CoolSculpting In The Media Cincinnati

Why I Froze The Fat Off My Thighs

Every woman has that thing, that one thing about her body that she wishes were just a little bit smaller, or tighter, or just, different.

By Cristina Goyanes, featured in ELLE Magazine

How to Cheat Age in the Age of Bro-tox

You’re aging. It happens. And lucky for you, the cosmetic tools to hide it are no longer reserved for ladies and plastic-faced newscasters. More men than ever are fixing their faces with lasers, needles, and chemicals.

By Josh Dean, featured in GQ Magazine

Can You Really Freeze Your Belly Fat Away?

When I first heard about a new, non-invasive treatment that supposedly eliminated pockets of fat —painlessly —I was skeptical, to say the least. … It sounded scary—but also kind of awesome.

By Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig, Featured in Allure Magazine

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The following photos were taken at Dr. Kurtis Martin's office.

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